Meet the board: Tammy

Tammy Bleeker APA Outreach/Engagement Chair, 2019-2020 APA Program Co-Chair, 2018-2019 Assistant Director, Education & Training Programs, College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics What brought you to UF? I worked for Anheuser-Busch for 10 years, and in late 2012, I learned the local facility would be closing. I and my co-workers all had to find new jobs. […]

Meet the board: Krista

Krista Vaught APA President, 2019-2020 Director, Academic Strategic Initiatives & Compliance, Levin College of Law What brought you to UF? I completed my bachelor’s degree at UF in 2006, and could not wait to escape – Gainesville felt so small! I moved to D.C. and loved the bigger city and multitude of opportunities. Ironically, I stumbled […]

Meet the board: Sue

Sue Wagner Director of Community Relations, College of Journalism and Communications, Communication Department, WUFT-TV/FM, WRUF-AM/FM/TV APA Secretary/Treasurer, 2018-2019 What brought you to UF? I graduated from UF in 1981 with a degree in Journalism. After several marketing positions in healthcare and banking, I decided to return to UF to work in broadcasting at WUFT-FM. What […]

Meet the board: Monica

Monica Delaorra Marketing Manager – UF College of Pharmacy APA Events Co-Chair, 2018-2019 APA Promotional Chair, 2017-2018 What brought you to UF? As a Florida native, I was ready to come back home after living in the Midwest for my formative years. I had worked for a state flagship institution prior and understood the value […]