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ICYMI: Spring Warm Welcome

Spring 2-0-2-3 warm welcome panel

The theme for this Spring’s event is “UF’s impact across Florida.”

Leadership panel:

  • Dr. Andra Johnson, Dean – UF IFAS Extension
  • Dr. Linda Edwards, Dean – College of Medicine, Jacksonville
  • James Lapple, Chief Financial Officer, Wertheim UF Scripps
  • Melissa Curry, Interim Vice President for UF Human Resources

Watch a recording of this Warm Welcome

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What Our Members Say

What APA does is important in connecting the dots to fill out the picture of our multifaceted campus community.”

I love having the opportunity to hear from those on campus that are making a difference.

These events and the APA help us to have access to speakers we need to hear, and to one another, across campus.

Warm Welcome

The Warm Welcome is our annual first event of the academic year. We started the Warm Welcome to officially welcome newer staff to the UF community, foster a sense of belonging and community among all staff, offer inspiration from UF leaders, and spark new connections across the institution.

Monthly Mingle

Gator Baseball Game – April 2022

A-P-A members at the Gator baseball game

Bowling with Strangers

Bowling with strangers 2022
Members at the Bowling with Strangers event

Getting to Know Campus Tours

Carnivore Tour – Meat Processing Center 2022

UF Innovate, The Hub

HiPerGator, UF Data Center

Cypress Hall and the Disability Resource Center

Facility Services Training Center

Members touring Facility Services

Baughman Center and Butterfly Rainforest

Executive Series

President Fuchs

Athletics Director: Jeremy Foley

Jeremy Foley with members of the A-P-A