Meet the Board: Katelyn

October 23, 2020 4:32 pm

Katelyn Jerles
Assistant Director, Career Services
College of Veterinary Medicine

What brought you to UF?  

I was drawn to UF for the exceptional track record and ranking of the university and the career center. My position provided me a unique opportunity to work with students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff surrounding career development specifically within veterinary medicine.

What makes you proud to work at UF? 

I am proud to work at UF because of the worldwide impact our educational training has on One Health, veterinary medicine and the futures of our alumni. Each of our College of Veterinary Medicine students goes on to accomplish so much in their career and it is an honor to work with them to achieve their career goals. Seeing our students and alumni succeed in their career journey is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of my position.

Favorite UF tradition or moment?

I’m a big sports fan and we had baseball season tickets. Seeing all gator fans come together and cheer on our team provides a sense of community and belongingness that you won’t find anywhere else, even in the SEC. The weather is so nice during baseball season and spending time outside. I love being able to sit somewhat comfortably during games while chatting with friends or catching up on work (yes, you can bring a laptop in to get work done!).

Favorite thing to do in Gainesville?

Depot Park, hands down. I love the outdoor areas and the stores are perfect to grab a quick drink or bite to eat. I ride my bike there to meet up with friends or go on a walk. As a native North Carolinian, I really enjoy being able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year and it’s such a beautiful area of Gainesville.

What led to your involvement with in APA, and what have you learned due to your involvement?

APA has been such a wonderful networking opportunity to learn more about UF and my colleagues. I enjoy using APA to continue to develop my collaboration and leadership skills as we work cohesively across UF, connecting with professionals from all areas of the university.