Meet the Board: Jesse

November 6, 2019 8:21 am

Jesse Montgomery
APA Board Member 2019-2020
Chemist II | University of Florida Racing Laboratory

  • What brought you to UF? I was actually working in a funeral home because I am interested in pathology and wanted to see if I had the “aptitude” for that type of work. I do, but I desired to get back into the lab and discovered a position for a chemist and am very grateful to have been selected to fill the position.
  • What makes you proud to work at UF? I have been proud to be a part of the UF community for just over a year now, and what a truly incredible year it has been. Between the APA and Experience UF events, I have been awestruck at the magnitude and variety of studies, innovation, culture and entertainment that help make UF the preeminent powerhouse it is and aspires to be. Think of nearly any activity or interest and It is likely being investigated or engaged in somewhere in the university, from the Boundary layer wind tunnel in the engineering department to the exhibits at the Harn museum and museum nights, to yoga classes on the 3rd floor of the small animal hospital (it has a beautiful view). I am proud to be part of this truly inspiring and amazing community.
  • Favorite UF tradition or moment? I am new to UF as I graduated from Stetson University and am learning as quickly as I can UF traditions. One tradition the racing lab has is dressing up for Halloween, my birthday is October 31 so I really enjoy this tradition, it is tons of fun! I do enjoy the feeling of excitement and limitless curiosity that pervades the UF community. It inspires me to be more, to be my best self.
  • Favorite thing to do in Gainesville? I just moved to Gainesville last week! So, I am learning what things Gainesville has to offer. I have found Sushi Matsuri and The Blaze Pizza to be excellent restaurants.
  • What led to your involvement with the APA, and what have you learned due to your involvement? I decided when I started that I would attend any activities that I was invited to, that turned out to be a fantastic idea! I believe the first event I attended was a monthly mingle, at Cypress and Grove, and the people I met were marvelous! They were very welcoming and made me feel included right away and I decided I would attend any other events the APA invited me to. This led to virtual reality at the Library, tours of veterinary medicine hospitals and the Harrell Medical Education Building Simulation Lab, the engineering department and boundary layer wind tunnel, more monthly mingles. One of the best was the Warm Welcome event, where we shared a meal and discussion and question answer session with Dr. W. Kent Fuchs, President; Jodi Gentry, Vice President for Human Resources; Antonio Farias, Chief Diversity Officer; Onye Ozuzu, Dean, College of the Arts. I decided to join the APA board because I want to help new and current UF community members to have the same incredible experiences and fantastic enthusiasm I have enjoyed the past year.