Meet the Board: Christine

July 25, 2019 9:00 am

Christine Hadad
APA Secretary, 2019-2020
Sponsored Programs Administrator, Division of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research

  • What brought you to UF? Initially, I had to choose between UF, Florida Tech, Embry Riddle and UCF for Engineering. The decision to attend UF came after UF won a national football title and I felt the pull to come here with UF’s ongoing high profile successes. I graduated from UF and decided to stay in the area. I came back to UF to work and then left to work in my field and then ultimately came back to work for UF.
  • What makes you proud to work at UF? UF is a competitive, high quality University. It’s why I came to school here and why I am very proud to work for UF. (We’re really good at winning in sports too.) Always striving for improvement and excellence makes me feel like I’m part of a winning team. In my current role in research, I can see vividly why we are a top university.
  • Favorite UF tradition or moment: Winning national titles and the celebration at the University afterward. It really brings the community together.
  • Favorite thing to do in Gainesville: I love the arts and music, so art openings at the Harn and other galleries around town are my favorites. I also have friends who play music, so besides the Free Friday Bo Diddly Series, I love to go hear my friends play around town, either at Satchel’s, the Micanopy Coffee & Cream porch or other new eateries.
  • What led to your involvement with in APA, and what have you learned due to your involvement?  I was hoping to participate in across campus networking & collaboration. I want to be actively involved in UF employees feeling more like a community rather than us just separated in our various departments. We all have a lot to offer each other and I am always learning  from my fellow campus members. I care about people and want to be part of UF communicating as a whole.