2013 Gymnastics Summer Camp at Balance 180

May 17, 2013 1:22 pm

Balance 180 Summer Camp for children ages 3 and up. Read more about our awesome summer camp by downloading our Camp Flyer. Reserve your spot by completing this Camp Registration Form. Any questions? Email balance180register.now@gmail.com. Don’t miss out on Balance 180 Summer Camp 2013!

Balance 180 Vision

Our vision is to provide all children with a nurturing, healthy environment to participate in gymnastics and related sports, and encourage a positive learning and growing experience by recognizing each child’s unique potential.

Balance 180 Mission

Our mission is to develop a new model for recreational and competitive sports within our community that serves children and young people with varying abilities and needs.

  • Our programs will be intentionally designed to serve the whole child, recognizing that success in gymnastics must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle and academic achievement
  • We will offer adaptive programs for children with special needs and we will seek funding to sponsor young athletes who require financial assistance.
  • We will also be viewed as a valuable community resource by hosting special events, speakers and workshops to promote the benefits of exercise and responsible training.

Balance 180 Philosophy

ENCOURAGE.We believe that sports can be used to build self-esteem and confidence. We are committed to challenge our students in healthy ways and encourage them to grow as individuals as well as athletes.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE. We help children and young adults with challenges in their lives to overcome adversity with a positive attitude and to understand that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.

INSPIRE. We inspire each child to serve as valuable member of their team and the community. We believe that leadership skills that are learned in the gym carry over into their every day lives.

VALUE. We don’t just teach gymnastics, we build a foundation for the future. Each child matters and deserves the chance to learn. To support this mission we actively seek the support of the community.