Special Thanks to APA Members Who Volunteer to Serve on UF Committees

May 7, 2013 2:30 pm

Serving on UF Presidential Committees is one of the most effective ways to participate in university governance.  35 APA members volunteered to serve on at least one UF Presidential Committee this year, an astounding increase from the nine who volunteered the year before.  Special thanks to those of you who are giving your time to help guide university committees and strengthen the voice of professional staff on campus:

Eric Ascher Eric Money
Jason Arnold Peggy Myers
Jackie Ayers Connie Nicklin
Michael Bowie Melissa Orth
Annie Bretnall Christopher Peters
Jason Byrd Marta Pollitt
Jarrod Cruz Cynthia Powell
James Demery Beckie Preston
Karen Ehlers Alison Reynolds
Tracy Gale Clifford Richmond
Katrice Graham Mark Robinson
Alexis Harmeling Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler
Pamela Hightower Jamie Serrato
Andy Howard Robin Snyder
Diane James Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
Melissa Johnson Alicia Turner
Michael Joshi-Guske James Tyger
Robert Kolb David Stopka
Jim Lennon Robert Welch
Kari Mattox Deon Winchester
Paul McDonough Patricia Xirau-Probert
  Timothy Young