DDD Memo Encourages APA Participation

April 26, 2013 5:05 pm

Link to DDD memo:  http://www.admin.ufl.edu/ddd/default.asp?doc=12.9.2059

Academic & Professional Assembly (APA)


Kyle J. Cavanaugh, Vice President for Human Resource Services

The Academic & Professional Assembly (APA) was formed in 2003 to recognize, network, and to promote service opportunities for professional staff at the University of Florida. The APA contributes to the excellence of the University by providing input on important issues and should be recognized as an important part of a staff member’s overall contribution to this campus.

All TEAMS A employees (i.e., those on the TA12, TA10, TA09 pay plans) and faculty not included in the Faculty Senate are members of the APA. Managers, deans, chairs and directors who supervise APA members are encouraged to recognize the importance of their participation. APA service is considered a normal component of on-going activities and time worked. Professional staff should be encouraged to participate in APA activities.

By contributing to UF, the APA organizes working groups, task forces, seminars, lunch forums, speakers, business meetings and other activities. The APA consists of an executive board and various committees. Staff holding positions on the executive board should expect to spend an average of three to six hours per month on APA-related activities. Staff holding positions on committees should expect to spend two to three hours per month.

The APA membership elects the executive board annually in April. Nominations for the 2007-08 slate of officers are being accepted online at http://www.apassembly.ufl.edu/voting/nomination.htm until Friday, April 13.

For more information about the APA, visit the APA Web site at http://www.apassembly.ufl.edu or contact the APA President, Diane Craig at ddcraig@ufl.edu or 352-273-1382.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.