Call for 2013-14 UF Committee Nominations

December 10, 2012 11:31 pm

Deadline to submit the University Committees, Boards and Councils Nomination Form is Monday, December 31, 2012 at 5 p.m. 

Each year, the University of Florida offers employees the opportunity to participate in its governance through various university committees, boards, and councils. The Senate Nominating Committee invites nominations to fill committee vacancies.

Self-nominations are strongly encouraged.  If you choose to nominate a colleague, please verify their willingness to serve before completing the nomination form. All nominations will receive due consideration.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to become more active in our university.


A complete list of Councils and Committees is available on the UF Faculty Senate website. Each listing includes a list of committee member responsibilities, which will help you judge the time commitment involved in serving on that committee. Faculty, administrators and staff are all encouraged to serve as a member of one or more of these entities.

Nomination Form

Please fill out the University Committees, Boards and Councils Nomination Form completely before submitting it. Pay close attention when filling out “service on previous (last 6 yr) and current university committees” box on the nomination form. This information will be utilized in the voting process for senate committees and councils elections. Please check to see that you (or your nominee) meet the requirements, if any, to serve on the committee.  You may also indicate your (or your nominee’s) willingness to serve “as needed” on a committee.

Please note the nomination form includes participation in senate councils.  Only current faculty senators are eligible for service on councils.

You will be asked to enter you gatorlink and password.  Please make sure to use a blackslash instead of a forward slash in the username.

UserName: UFAD\GatorLink Account User Name
Password:  Gatorlink password

More Information

A copy of the call for nominations memo is available on the UF Factuly Senate website.  If you have any questions concerning these committees, you may call or send an email to any of the Senate Nominating Committee members or email Debra Amirin, APA Past President, at