Submit Your Questions to the Presidential Search Committee

October 24, 2012 8:22 pm

Message to the APA from C. David Brown, Chairman, UF Board of Trustees and UF Presidential Search Committee

Dear APA Members:

Thank you for your previous support for the search for the 12th President of the University of Florida.  Through the input of your organization, as well as other UF stakeholders, the Presidential Search Committee was able to develop a list of desired qualifications for the person who is selected to serve as our next president.  Those desired qualifications were approved by the Board of Trustees.

Now we are asking your help for the next phase of the process. 

Jan Greenwood, our search consultant, is working to identify candidates for the position.  As soon as she has a pool of candidates, the Search Committee will review the pool and identify the best candidates to bring to Gainesville for campus interviews.  We need your input into the questions that will be asked of these candidates later in the process.

Using the list of desired qualifications (below), we are asking you to send the questions you would like the Search Committee to consider.  Please email them to by November 7.

We  will compile the questions and submit a report to the Search Committee that identifies the most prevalent themes and questions overall, as well as the most prevalent themes and questions submitted by staff, faculty, and the other stakeholder groups.  The Search Committee will use this information as it develops its questions for the interviews.  The campus interview process will include an opportunity for campus stakeholders to have input, but is still being planned. 

Through this effort we hope to gain input from all who want to be part of the process as our Board of Trustees selects our next president.

Thank you for your support of our Presidential Search.


C. David Brown


UF Board of Trustees and UF Presidential Search Committee


The University of Florida Presidential Search Criteria (August 28, 2012)

The University of Florida seeks a president with the vision, experience, credentials, integrity, energy, and determination to lead the state’s flagship, land-grant institution as it continues and accelerates its progress as a top national and international research university for the 21st Century and beyond.

The successful candidate must be able to lead a first-rate faculty, foster the excellence, lead progress, and advance the reputation and success of the University of Florida in all aspects of its education, research and service mission, in a changing global economy and higher education environment.  The university will consider candidates both within and outside academia under the totality of the following desired qualifications:

  • Has an academic background and credentials, including Ph.D. or highest degree in chosen field.
  • Is recognized as a national and international scholar of distinction (e.g., is a member of a national academy or institute or a fellow of a major academic society, or has a distinguished record of research).
  • Demonstrates a record of meaningful accomplishments in executive leadership of and decision-making in complex organizations, and has a strong record of innovation and transformation.  
  • Has experience in an administrative leadership position at a major university.
  • Will have respect and influence among AAU and other peer organizations and institutions.
  • Will be able to attract, develop and retain world-class faculty and students, which are at the core of the university’s mission and success.  
  • Exercises the highest integrity at all times.
  • Has a record of fiscal acumen and sound fiscal leadership, as well as fostering effective fundraising. 
  • Has a sophisticated understanding of the fiscal complexity and structure of academic research institutions, and can lead development of new and creative funding models and marshal and optimize resources in a changing global economy and public higher education environment.
  • Reflects visionary and transformative thinking and a global perspective about higher education, its roles in society, and how to foster access, affordability, and excellence in education, including (a) leveraging innovative modalities, techniques and research to promote effective learning and student engagement and (b) preparing students for success in all aspects of life and to make meaningful contributions to a 21st Century society.    
  • Appreciates and is committed to fostering an exceptional, well-balanced and varied graduate and undergraduate student experience–in academics; in research;  in co-curricular opportunities; in social, multi-cultural, and service experiences; and in residential and work activities.  Relates well to, and understands the issues facing, students.
  • Has the commitment, vision, entrepreneurial skills, and ability to foster growth of the research enterprise and the infrastructure to support it, ensuring its quality and competitiveness, as well as its contribution to economic development.    
  • Understands the complexity and interrelationships of university health science centers, affiliated teaching hospitals and practice groups, and the communities they serve, and has the vision to foster success in the academic health affairs endeavor in a changing health care environment.
  • Appreciates and is committed to the quality, scope, complexity and vitality of the university’s land-grant mission, in which the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences fulfills a leadership role, as well as the land-grant mission’s legacy and ongoing multi-disciplinary contributions to education, research and service that benefit Florida, the nation and the world as they face the challenges of today and the future.   
  • Is committed to shared governance with the faculty, consistent with the principles and spirit of the Constitution adopted by the Faculty Senate at .
  • Understands major intercollegiate athletics programs and their role in university life and is enthusiastic about and committed to fostering the programs’ integrity, accountability to the university, and NCAA compliance, the academic excellence and personal development of student athletes, as well as the programs’ competitiveness.
  • Is experienced in successfully leading the development and implementation of a strategic plan in a complex organization. 
  • Demonstrates an ability and commitment to working with the board of trustees to develop the university’s priorities and strategic vision, leading the institution to successfully accomplishing them, and carrying out the board’s strategic vision within the context of the university’s tradition of collegial governance.  Also appreciates University of Florida’s role in and service to the State University System and is committed to working collaboratively with the Board of Governors and other state universities.
  • Has the ability to forge effective relationships with and secure the support and resources of a broad range of stakeholders, including: alumni; donors and sponsors; parents; the public; local, state and federal public officials; and the business community; as well as students, faculty and staff.   Appreciates and is committed to leveraging the passion of the UF alumni base; appreciates and is enthusiastic about being or becoming a part of the Gator Nation and culture.
  • Is able to identify and recruit high quality talent committed to excellence at all levels and in all areas of the institution—and has a record of building, empowering and mentoring a strong, skilled and collaborative leadership team. 
  • Values diversity, broadly defined, and the promotion of free expression as critical to excellence in the educational, research and service endeavor.
  • Has passion and intellectual energy to be involved in all aspects of university life and to fulfill the university’s unique commitment to serve the State of Florida, including through education, research and economic development.
  • Is a great communicator and listener, has exemplary inter-personal skills, is an inspirational, proactive and politically astute leader, and is a skilled change manager capable of making difficult but important changes, while preserving those traditions that serve the institution well.
  • Has fluency in a second language or other meaningful multi-cultural experience.