Butterfly Senses

‘Butterfly Senses’ in the Butterfly Rainforest

Do butterflies really taste with their feet and smell using their antennae? Visit the “Butterfly Rainforest” exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History through June 30 to discover more […]

Blue Star

Blue Star Museums

The Florida Museum of Natural History is offering free admission to all fee-based exhibits for active duty military personnel and their families, beginning Monday, May 25, on Memorial Day through […]

t-rex named Sue

Florida Museum to open famous ‘T. rex Named Sue’ exhibit Jan. 24

Tyrannosaurus rex has long commanded respect and sparked curiosity in the mind of the public, and Sue is the most famous T. rex of all. At 42 feet long and […]


RecSports Memberships for UF Faculty, Staff & Affiliates

The UF Department of Recreational Sports (RecSports) invites you to explore the benefits of a membership, and also services included with an active Gator 1 Card.  Members can enjoy 150 […]


Museum Nights at the Harn

Visit the Harn Museum of Art after hours and enjoy an interactive evening of entertainment and activities.