Meet the Board: Corina

Published: June 22nd, 2020

Category: Featured

Corina Velasquez
APA President-Elect, 2018-2020
HR Associate Director of Talent Solutions, College of Medicine

What brought you to UF?
The opportunity to share my talents and background in the healthcare environment and contribute to the UFHealth growth and expansions of resources for employees. My work at UF focuses on finding ways to connect employees to resources, providing support and programming to enhances the work experience through onboarding, retention, and the entire employee life cycle..

What makes you proud to work at UF?
Working at a flagship top 10 institution is a remarkable opportunity; particularly in the healthcare space, which is now at the forefront of our current global need. The ability to interact and support over 5,000 employees throughout our departments spread across the college, both inside and outside of Gainesville, provides a greater sense of pride, in both the gator nation but also in healthcare.

What’s your favorite UF moment or tradition?
Commencement is my favorite event of the year! It is a time to recognize the reason why we are all here, and how we are a part of a remarkable educational institution. Plus, in difficult times this year, the opportunity to connect virtually has expanded to a global UF presence where others have been able to join from near and far. This year’s graduating class marked a special commencement in a memorable 2020 unprecedented time period – truly one of a kind experience for our graduates!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Gainesville?
In relocating to the Gainesville area (which I fondly refer to as Gville), I enjoy the downtown vibe, the theater sphere at the Hippodrome, and Bo Diddly plaza for outdoor concerts. Originally from Miami (the 305), cultural and diverse dining venues have always been at the top of my list. Additionally, the museums are also a part of my exploring Gainesville experience, where I enjoy the variety in exhibits throughout the year.

What led you to involvement within APA, and what have you learned due to your involvement?
APA has been a welcoming environment for me as a newcomer to the diverse UF community. I have learned that APA connects us in bringing diversity of thoughts, ideas, campus representation, and unites us as one UF. No matter where the employees are located, APA is there to provide a sense of connectedness to resources, information, and collaboration for all staff. APA is an extension of UFHR, which closely ties in with my work as an HR professional. Everyday I connect with new employees – like me, they are eager to get to know more about campus, wanting to feel welcome and connected, while seeking ways to get engaged – all unique opportunities available thru APA.

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